We have all been there. The new person in the room. The first timer. The great thing about our Conference is the friendly, open welcome that all delegates give to one another. Travel Industry and Travel Planner alike all want the Group Travel Industry to succeed and that success comes from supporting one another!

Just a few pointers that others have found helpful:

  1. First, any member of the Staff can answer your question. The staff will be in either a RED shirt or blazer with a name tag showing their first name.  Feel free at any time to ask away!
  2. A go to place is of course Conference Registration which is staffed not only during the registration process but also through out the Conference.  It is the heart of our meeting and you will find delegates there not only to ask questions but also to reconnect with old friends. It is the perfect meeting spot.
  3. Next, attendees will all be wearing badges to events. Colors for Travel Planner and Travel Industry will differ and your welcome packet will give you that detail.
  4. Your free Conference Mobile Ap is another way to reach out to delegates and keep informed of scheduled events. You will receive an email with the free Mobile App log in one week prior to the conference. Didn’t receive it? No problem, we can help you with the download upon registration.
  5. Finally, we can’t stress enough that you are welcomed at ALL Conference events and meals. Go. Meet. Mingle. It’s fun!
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